Are you interested in wildlife? Could you help with the preservation of one of our nation’s most endearing yet most endangered animals, the hedgehog? If so here are a number of ways you can become involved.


The centre is open 365 days of the year and we need volunteers every morning to take part in the daily care of the hogs. You’ll get to work closely with the hedgehogs, giving them a second chance to be released into the wild or into a safe garden.

We have a pool of volunteers, most of whom do one ‘shift’ each week. We use a rota system and this is managed by Lynn Rose to ensure there is always sufficient cover.  

If you are interested and want to find out more, please contact Lynn on 01665 570538 or email her at Please note that volunteers must be aged 16 years or over.


If time is a problem for you, you could help us by providing some of the essential items that we use to care for the hedgehogs. We would be delighted to accept any of the following supplies:

  • Newspapers which are used daily to provide fresh bedding so a regular supply is therefore essential. If you can find the time newspapers torn into half inch strips then separated, fluffed up to make a cosy warm bed we would be most grateful and delivered in bags would be great. Please remember to remove any staples first as these will injure the hogs as will machine shredded paper.

  • Thick rubber gloves, e.g. gardening gloves, would be really useful as all the volunteers use these when handling the hedgehogs.

  • Large heavy duty plastic bags.

  • Dettol and washing up liquid.

  • If you can provide any printing services we can provide you with the forms and documents that we use on a daily basis and any help with these costs would be gratefully received.

  • Any donations of food for the hedgehogs would be very gratefully received. The hogs at our Centre are predominantly fed on mealworms, hedgehog biscuits, dry hedgehog food and meat based cat (or dog) food that is in jelly. Please do not offer fish based food as this is of no use to hedgehogs.

  • A link to our Amazon Wishlist can be found below


Why not offer to foster a hedgehog? Hedgehogs that are offered for fostering are in good health – not sick or injured - and would normally be cared from the fosterer’s home between autumn and spring, during which time (over the winter) the hedgehog will be likely to hibernate.

As a fosterer you would provide your own equipment to accommodate and feed the hedgehog but on no account should you treat the hedgehog as a pet. Should the hedgehog develop any ailment it should be returned to our Centre for treatment by a vet.

In the spring you would return the hedgehog to us, for release into the wild. What a reward, to know that you have helped in some small way to preserve this species for future generations.

Anyone interested in fostering a hedgehog should contact us.  


Adopting a hedgehog is another way that you can help.

For a minimum amount of £20 adopting can be a satisfying way of helping, and can also make an interesting and unusual gift. You would receive a short history of how your hedgehog came to us, a certificate, a thank you card, and a photograph of your hedgehog.

You can pay by bank transfer, cheque or Paypal. Please register your interest by e-mailing It will take us only a few days to process your request.

If you would like further details please contact us and we would be happy to help you choose your hedgehog.


We aim to release all of the hedgehogs we care for back into their natural habitat in the wild.

Could you provide a release site? All that is required is for hedgehogs to already be in the area and you should be willing to provide food and water to encourage hedgehogs to visit and provide the released hogs with the best possible start to their new life back in the wild.

Sometimes it is impossible to release hogs back into the wild as they might fail to thrive, for example if a hog has had a serious injury. In these circumstances the best option is release into a safe garden where the hog will be protected. In this case the site would need to be suitable for hedgehogs and you would need to provide food and water daily.

If you think that you could provide a release site, please use the "Release Sites" link at the top of this page and complete the form.