NHRT Celebrates its 20th Year!

How often do we ask ourselves where the time has gone? Well, here at the Northumbrian Hedgehog Rescue Trust we are doing just that, and nobody more than our dedicated leader and Head of the Trust Carole Catchpole. Many of you will know Carole personally but she has dedicated the last 20 years of her life to saving and caring for hedgehogs for the past twenty years and what she has achieved in this peaceful corner of Northumberland is truly remarkable.

Carole started the charity and without her tenacity and truly selfless work it would not exist today. Over the years the tireless and consistent work we do here, which is funded entirely by the generosity of those who donate to us, has been recognised and rewarded in various ways and has gained respect amongst those who have cared to take a closer interest. These rewards are fitting but the greatest reward of all is watching a struggling hedgehog come into our care, be nursed, regain its strength, get fit and well and then stride out into the wilds to roam freely.

To all of our supporters, from all of us at the Trust, thank you for making the work that we do possible and for your continued support. Happy 20th year to all the volunteers at NHRT!